Mister Sandman

Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream
Make him the cutest that I've ever seen
Give him the word that I'm not a rover
Then tell him that his lonesome nights are over.
This is supposed to be funny when Karen Walker did it, but now I am all lonely again, haha~ sigh~ :S

Anyway, it's been a while, I am still here, just lazy and no time to update (lazyness takes heaps of it) Suddenly I am not sure what do I want really, it's all confused and undecided.


Accustomed To Your Face

I was so really independent and content before we met, 
Surely i could always be that way again and yet 
I've grown accustomed to his looks, 
Accustomed to his voice, 
Accustomed to his face. 

The life that I had before, I could do it forever. But somehow the quiet desire is brewing inside, and I know, I could not be content anymore. Still, for now, when another face has not been found to replace you, I think I just grow accustomed to your face for a while, wouldn't hurt ya much right? :)


Love Is Hard

I see lovers in the streets walking,
without a care.
They wear it out loud
like there's something in the air
Oooooh, well I don't care

I didn't think this song is good until recently when I started to listen carefully, especially the beginning of the guitars. It reminds me of Details In The Fabric, but this one is as good too. It is not so much about the lyrics, but the music really calms me.

Well, I really can't say no to the lyrics, right? I mean, I have to agree. Love is a luxury when you have none, and a pain in the arse when yours become cheesy. People are just shitty when it comes to love, several different kinds of perspective, and it all wind down to a single purpose - self. Love is hard when you deal with people with such a high self esteem, and love is definitely hard when you have so much love to be given out but all around you are high self esteem chauvinists.







Life Goes On

kaze wa taezu ugoite
bokura no senaka wo osuyo
toki ga nagaretemo You're my sweetheart
You're my sweetheart
matataku hoshi no mukou
yume mita mirai egakou
dakara sono toki wa issho ni iyou yo
Life goes on.

{The wind never stops and pushes us forward
Even as time goes by, you’re my sweetheart
We’ll make the future we dreamed of come true beyond the shining stars
That’s why we should be together when it happens
Life goes on.}

Who wouldn't be happy while having a cake?

I guess when I was searching for my piece, there is also life which goes on in auto-pilot. Sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, different kind of tastes pass through my life and I am still here. Perhaps like London said, God has put us on this situation and test our belief, we just have to face it with gratitude and knowing a sunny side is always waiting after a cloudy storm.

And for now, I have a craving for dessert, yum~ ^^


Fine Line

There's a fine, fine line between a lover and a friend,
There's a fine, fine line between reality and pretend,
I guess if someone doesn't love you back it isn't such a crime,
But there's a fine, fine line between love
And a waste of your time.

There's a fine, fine line between together and not
And there's a fine, fine line between what you wanted and what you got.
You gotta go after the things you want while you're still in your prime...

I guess we just have to have our boundaries and try to make things clear so that we don't mix it up like a cocktail drink: you don't know what is in it but it might not taste as good as you think.

I think I should learn to be modest, to be more control in emotion and mentally, I should be more sane and rational.


Chasing Pavements

should i give up
or should i just keep chasing pavements
even if it leads no where,
or would it be a waste
even if i knew my place should i leave it there.

Really, should I give up, or should I keep on chasing pavements? I think the latter is a better chance for a happier life, even though I don't know if there is an end to it, or how many obstacles would I face, then again, don't every life to be that way?

Keeyit, don't give up you too ya ;)

btw, this guy's cover is so much better than Adele's studio version, oops~



You think that I wanna run and hide 
I'll keep it all locked up inside
I just want you to find me
I'm not lost, I'm not lost, Just undiscovered

Maybe he's just around the corner of my eyes. 
Or maybe there is no he in the first place.

Today Keeyit's forwarded me an article which I have read sometime ago. It is generally advising us to appreciate who we are with now than longing for the perfect one in our mind. So it is a Mr Right-now than Mr Right philosophy. I do not detest on this theory as I don't believe there is only 1 person right for you in this world. Relationship is an effort to keep, not by destiny, you just need to work on it hard enough to harvest later.

But the problem is, hm... I don't even have a Mr Right-now.... :S


I Am Pathetic Enough

When I was young,
O, in the hallways, the music played.
I was so sad. I thought,
'This is what love must be like
when I grow older or meet someone older.'
I'm pathetic enough,
but you sleep in my bed, nonetheless.

My forehead is now 1/3 of my face. >_<

SST said we are old enough to take care of our teeth, and the dentist said my gum is no longer healthy and there were a lot of blood during today's teeth-house-keeping.

My knees hurt whenever I walk down a stair, I blame it on the constant running. But it could also because my tendon is no longer as flexible.

I am scared I tell you. That's the truth


A Hundred Thanks

雨点飘 你的酒窝在笑 
你说水滴在跳 很辛苦的去掉 
世界很大 人很渺小 

It is true that surprise came by the rescue. I was caught in the tropical rain storm at the LRT station and helpless. And my HEAFian agreed to come fetch me home even thought there is a second agenda. But like I told Yongy

"Although my robe was soaked in the cruelty Rain of despair, but their noble rescue has provided warmth into my heart with light and softness."

happy-ing~~ ^^